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The mission of Live Coal Gallery is to be a vibrant Detroit-based gallery and museum that fosters a passion for art, community, and learning.  Our focus is to collect, exhibit, and sell the works of aspiring, emerging, and established artists. We provide hands-on experiences for children and families, and collaborate with businesses, organizations, and schools on a variety of individual and community projects.  As a collecting museum, we are invested in having a large permanent collection of art created by Detroit youth and local artists.


When a coal is set ablaze, it can burn brightly.  However, if it remains by itself, it cools quickly and will not reach its full potential or purpose. When burning coals come together, the heat generated is immense. Burning coals power whole cities. They have the potential to completely alter their environment – it is heated coal under pressure that produces one of earth’s hardest materials and most precious gems. Live Coal Gallery will bring together artists – live “coals” – who will be agents of transformation in our city and help build a dynamic and strong community.


Live Coal Gallery, LLC is a social enterprise founded by Detroit-based artist Yvette Rock. Yvette is committed to seeing Detroit restored, rebuilt, and renewed.


Live Coal Gallery is committed to supporting local non-profit organizations through the LCG Community Giving Program. LCG will do this by designating months out of the year towards a special matching program.  Each non-profit will be designated a month out of the year in which it will receive a percentage of that months’ sales. Non-profits are selected based on recommendations given by other non-profits, with a focus on non-profits that directly impact our neighborhood and Detroit youth.  LCG reserves the right to make the final decision regarding LCG Community Giving Program recipients. No solicitations, please.

2015 CGP Recipients:

January: Virgil H. Carr Center Arts Academy

February: Paint a Miracle 

March: The Art Experience

April: National Conference of Artists

May: InsideOut Literary Arts Project

June: Freedom House

July: Finding Mona Lisa

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